Frequently asked questions

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What vehicles can I pawn?

At Pawn You Wheels, we offer loans against a wide range of vehicles such as...

  • Cars
  • Motorbikes
  • Trucks
  • Vans
  • Trailers
  • Dinghy's
  • Some Industrial Equipment
  • Caravans and Camper Vans
  • And Much More...
Do you take Classic Vehicles?

Yes, in fact we specialize in the following...

  • High-End Sports Cars
  • Classic Vintage Collectables
  • Exotic Motorbikes
  • Harley Davidson's

Extra care is taken in storage of these special vehicles, not to say that we don't take extra care with everything we deal in!

What are the requirements to be able to loan my Vehicle?

We have a couple of requirements before we can offer you a loan on your item...

  • The Vehicle has to be registered in your name
  • The Vehicle cannot be under any Security or Finance
How much would I get for my Vehicle?

The amount that you will be offered depends on few factors...

  • Condition
  • Current Market Value
  • Odometer Reading
I'm worried about my credit rating, will this affect it?"

Absolutely not. Pawn Your Wheels uses your car as a security. There would never be any Credit agencies hunting you down for money, we hate them too!

As a pawnbroker, Credit agencies do not get any reports from us.

What are the terms of the loan?

Our loan term is for 3 Months and you are able to pay off that loan anytime during those 3 months.

Also, if you need more time, all you do is pay off a month's worth of Interest to extend your loan for another month.

When do I get the money for my loan?

Instantly! There is just a bit of paperwork to go through first, but you will leave with cash in hand.

Or we can organize a direct deposit at your request.

What are the repayment options?

We highly recommend you make regular payments weekly or fortnightly, but you can pay the loan back however which way you see fit with cash or card in-store, or you can call up and pay over the phone (We just need a copy of your ID and Card sent through first)

What happens if I don't pay off my loan within the given time?

We aim to make sure everyone is able to get their vehicle back, by regular payments.

If you do not pay anything for the 3 months, the loan contract will expire and we will have to sell the vehicle to cover monies owed.

Where is my vehicle stored for the duration of the loan?

We have a secure undercover warehouse facility that is under 24 hour security.